This month'smust-see
Style counsel, Showtime: Times of Malta 2005

It looks very much as though the Grech family is currently making a concertedbid for the title of Malta's first family of the arts. Just lately Herman hasdirected a play, Someone Who'll Watch Over Me, for the MADC at St James.Charlotte has contributed this month's Been There... Seen that... to Showtime.Another brother Alex was seen last April in Masquerade's production of The OddCouple. And now another Grech male sibling, Shaun, is muscling in on the artsscene.

Young artist Shaun Grech is however, very much his own man. His subjects arefigures... people, but his style is unique. He keeps his own counsel and paintsa variety of singular "portraits", which challenge the viewer todiscard the accepted norms of figure painting and abandon themselves to Shaun'sview of humanity.

To say that some of these images are disturbing is a considerableunder-statement. Staring eyes, large red mouths and an overall abstract feel,all contribute to a series of offbeat, yet strangely compelling paintings.

Shaun is currently exhibiting his work at a fairly new gallery, 33 MelitaStreet, Valletta. The exhibition closes on February 12.

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